Man gets jump rope stuck in penis.

1. You sure did read that correctly. (He got 90 of 100 centimeters inside his urethra. He really did. And somehow, apparently 4.4 millimeter wide wasn’t enough; doctors said the rope was knotted. But then of course, he had to pee, couldn’t get it out, and was hospitalized. The one meter jump rope had to be surgically removed.)
2. Recent news has confirmed he’s been clinically diagnosed as an idiot.

Don’t believe it? Read the story here, or read more/see photographic evidence here.

My Eyes Are Up Here….


Brilliant. Fucking brilliant.

Originally posted on The Things I See Up Here:


Men are obsessed with breasts. We are. Accept it.

Part of me thinks it’s a power thing. Breasts hold sway over us. We know they dominate us, and that therefore entices and as frustrates us. Women are the dominant gender for several reasons, and two of them are staring at our chest while our eyes try to steer upwards.

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